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      Why Join us ?

      Our core strengths are: 

      • An established networking group founded in 2010. Comprised of participants who are fully committed to helping one another.
      • The regular refferal of new qualified clients to members by members.
      • Each member has in depth 1 on 1 meetings with other members to know them and their business, deepening the trust and respect we have for each other.
      • We commit to attend every meeting or send a representative from our business.
      • Every year our members refer business to each other resulting in many thousands of euros with no commision or charge!

      Other Benefits ?

      • Increase your exposure to local knowledge from members with established businesses in the area. Especially useful for new businesses arriving in Spain.
      • Sharing current awareness of local developments and awareness of market trends and legislation.
      • Our Association has strong ties with the local media and essential services which they use in their own day to day trading. A valuable resource to have saving time and money in research.
      • We are English and Spanish speaking businesses based around the marbella and surrounding area in the Costa Del Sol.
      • We are a non-profit association which means all membership fees are used to promote the Association and for the benefit of the members events.

      Essential to know before attending as a guest

      • Be prepared with business cards and to discuss your business.
      • After members have done their 60 second elevator pitch, guests are invited to give one also.
      • Only one member is allowed from a business service or profession so you will be the go to person for members.
      • Meetings are run on a tight schedule as members do have their business to attend to after each meeting. On time is late!
      • After each meeting we go down to the hotel restaurant and have a full buffet breakfast which is included in the meeting fee of €15.

      First steps to Joining

      You first step is to arrange a visit as a guest to our fortnightly meetings.

      • Either fill in the Contact us form.
      • Contact Christine Creaser our secretary.
      • If you know one of the members, contact them directly.
        Or from our Member list

      They will be happy to give you information on the next meeting date.

      Each meeting is €15 for both members and guests which is followed by an inclusive European breakfast buffet and networking.

      You can visit as a guest twice to decide if this group and the people in it are for you.

      Details of the meeting format, code of conduct and joining fees are here.