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      Samuel Ho Photography – Discover the Power of 3D

      Samuel Ho Photography is a trusted Matterport Service Partner, using cutting edge 3D scanning technology with the Pro2 3D camera, combined with laser accurate floor plans and hi-end quality photos, we are able to take your retail, commercial, or residential space and...

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      Have Uplifting New Year – Design for more clients

      In 2017 did it feel as though you had a heavy weight dragging you and your company back from being the success it deserves to be? At Paul Scotton Design we lift that heavy weight and make light work of all the graphic design work for all your marketing needs ...WE...

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      A DAY WITHOUT ELECTRICITY? A1 Safesecure Electricians

      A DAY WITHOUT ELECTRICITY In your everyday lives you’ve probably never stopped to consider all the things required to provide you with your normal activities. You’ve probably never considered how lucky you are, and never realized how many things you take for granted....

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