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      Membership & Code of Conduct



      “Trusted Businesses Association is a non-profit network of successful businesses bonded by trust, all working together to give the best service to each other and our clients, and to present potential client referrals for other members of The Trusted Businesses Association.”


      1. Trusted Businesses Association to count 25 active members by end of 2019
      2. Have a minimum of 10 referrals every week.
      3. Turnover of referrals value 300,000 euros in 2019.
      4. Each member to produce at least 4 activities per month that contribute to Trusted Businesses Association (see Contributions Definition in Member’s Accountability)
      5. Members to produce original content for the website or Social media, each week.


      1. As a visitor you may attend up to two meetings.
      2. Before applying for membership two visits are required.


      Qualification Rules

      • Trade or speciality not in competition with any of the existing members.
      • Minimum of two years in the business or in industry presented.
      • Willing & able to attend bi-weekly meetings or able to send a substitute.
      • Provide 2 verifiable references and Trusted Businesses Association Committee verifies both.
      • Understand what can be expected from Trusted Businesses Association membership.
      • Understand what how to contribute to the Trusted Businesses Association mission and goals.

      Applications for membership

      • First year fee is €200.
        Application for membership starts with a part payment:  € 50 non-refundable.
      • The Trusted Businesses Association Committee jointly will evaluate.

      Applicants can attend one more time during the qualification process to allow Trusted Businesses Association Committee to do their due diligence and complete the qualification process.

      The outcome of an evaluation for qualification can be threefold:

      1. Accepted
      2. Not accepted
      3. Pending (awaiting further clarifications from applicant.
      • Trusted Businesses Association Committee retains the right to make exceptions to the above rules if it deemed appropriate. However fees cannot be altered without a majority vote of the entire members group.


      1. Yearly membership renewal fee is €120
      2. Due every year first week in September.
      3. Members who joined in the course of past year and paid the 200€ joining fee, will get credited for the months already paid for in the new year starting September at 10€/month.


      1. Misconduct leads to dismissal; any misconduct is subject to Trusted Businesses Association Committee evaluation and decision.
      2. Not paying renewal fees within one month of due date is grounds for dismissal.
      3. Members (or their substitutes) can miss up to 4 meetings per 6 months before an evaluation for dismissal is started by the Trusted Businesses Association Committee.
      4. The Trusted Businesses Association Secretary keeps record of absences and reports to the Committee whenever a member has missed 3 meetings in the past 6 months so that the Trusted Businesses Association Committee can take action and remind the member of its participation duty.
      5. At a 4th absence, the member’s trade spot is opened to new visitors and applicants.
      6. Trusted Businesses Association Committee retains the right to make exceptions to the above rules if it deemed appropriate.


      Members Participation

      Each member must actively participate and contribute. Examples of contributions:

      1. Refer a member’s business to a potential client
      2. Represent Trusted Businesses Association on an event
      3. Hold one-on-one meetings with other members
      4. Introduce businesses as guests and possible new members
      5. Market Trusted Businesses Association by means of identifiable & quantifiable actions.
      6. Frequency of member contributions: at least two times per month.
      7. Take ownership of own visitors:

      inform duly beforehand, take the visitor by the hand throughout the meeting and inform, follow-up after the meeting and request feedback. This feedback is to be communicated to the group when asked. Communicate to Visitor Host who will attend (name and business/function).


      1. Lead and organise the meetings, keep within time for each section, and define its content.
      2. Define special agenda items.
      3. Monitor time usage during meetings.
      4. Report on action taken between two meetings.
      5. Appoint and hold appointee to taking and distribution of minutes of meeting containing decisions or specific messages.
      6. Appoint new visitors a host and hold appointee to its tasks.
      7. Enforce accountable rules of members and take action where needed.
      8. Manage and Process:

      New member qualification, applications
      Dismissal process
      Account for and manage the cash flow process
      Obtain membership meeting fees and record them in a journal.
      Decide on budget allocations.
      Decide on participation in external events as a group.
      Report to members each meeting : the above
      Prioritise suggestions, issue resolution, and any other items at hand.
      The President has final say in undecided items.

      Visitor Host

      1. Know who’s attending as visitor (received from members).
      2. Be present at 8:00 am to receive visitors.
      3. Give a short orientation to the visitor explaining what is the order of the meeting.
      4. Connect the visitor with the one inviting the visitor.
      5. Send a follow-up email or call to the visitor at latest the next day.
      6. Report any feedback from the visitors to the Trusted Businesses Association Committee.


      Meeting Agenda

      8:00 to 8:30Open Networking in non seated area

      8:25Phones OFF – Members and visitors are asked to silence their phones
      8:30 – Team Introduction – The leadership team is now introduced to the meeting.
      8:35Introduction – Purpose and overview of Trusted Businesses Association

      8:45Education Slot – Constructive advice on ways of helping members gain business and good referrals for their Trusted Businesses Association colleagues.
      8:55 – Business Card Box – Members and visitors now have the opportunity to exchange business cards

      9:00New members/Renewals – Presentation of new and renewing members

      9:05 – Members 60 seconds presentations – Each member now has a maximum of 60 seconds to tell everyone about the various aspects of their business or about the ideal referrals they are looking for.

      9:25 – Visitors 60 seconds presentations – Once all members finish, visitors then have the opportunity to do a 60 second presentation of their business.
      9:25Vice president reports – Various announcements on how many referrals are passed around the table, how many visitors come to the meetings, amount in money box, network leaders, notable networkers, etc
      9:27Secretary/Treasurer´s report – Report on Renewals and Overdues.  Announcement of the speakers for the weeks ahead, and introduction of the speaker of the day.
      9:2910 Minute Presentation – Each week a member has the chance to make a 10 minutes presentation to the rest of the members and visitors to give them the chance to learn more about what he/she does.
      9:39What have I done for the group section – The passing of referrals is regarded as the highlight of the meeting. It’s where business is passed across the table. The idea is to pass on a referral to fellow members, which will hopefully convert into worthwhile business. If on a particular week a member doesn’t have a proper referral to pass on, then he/she can give a testimonial. Testimonials can be verbal or in writing and are used as a valuable document for the member’s business. In this section members can also state any other type of contribution they have made to the group in the past week.
      9:49Referral reality check – A method to make sure that referrals passed in previous weeks are successful and that real business is being done between members.
      9:50Goals slot – Vice president to update us on the group goals and targets.

      9:51Thanks to visitors

      9:52Events Coordinator/ Announcements

      9:55Door Prize – It’s donated each week by the 10 minutes speaker and is drawn from the referral slips handed in by members.
      10:00Close meeting



      1. Qualification
        1. Give good quality referrals for members to follow.
        2. Remind members on a regular basis the difference between referrals and leads
      2. Follow-up
        1. Remind members to follow up on referrals
      3. Reality Check
        1. Perform reality check of referrals given previously. Results of referrals
      4. Monthly Valuation
        1. Membership committee to study where a member brings a very low amount of referrals or none at all



      a.       Visitor Drive

      Each member must actively participate to get visitors and new active members to Trusted Businesses Association. Examples of ways to get new visitors:

      1. Actively contact new potential members by emails, visits or phones.
      2. When dealing with clients or collaboration partners promote the Trusted Businesses Association network.
      3. Have the Trusted Businesses Association logo as a part of your company contact details on emails, brochures, business cards to promote the name.
      4. Participate in events and shows to talk to local companies and introduce Trusted Businesses Association.


      1. Each member aim to bring minimum one new visitor a month
      2. One person appointed is responsible for synergy in group (Visitor Driver)
        1. Look at the local industries on the coast/Marbella, which companies have a good reputation, and would be a great visitor?
        2. Appoint a member responsible for inviting this person/company
        3. Be selective with whom you invite as visitors, “who will be good for the group and can contribute as a potential member?”
      3. What procedure do we follow for new visitors:
        1. Phone call – visit
        2. Introduction to Trusted Businesses Association. Mention the mission and goals to motivate the person to participate in a meeting
        3. Hand out our business card/invite
        4. Follow up with invite (copy to Visitors Host)
        5. Tell the visitor to bring plenty of business cards for the meeting.

      b.      Visitors Host

      1. The visitor host will be at the meetings at 7:45 together with the Trusted Businesses Association Committee
      2. The visitor host will wear a badge that says Visitors host. This is way to show our visitors a structure and that we take our visitors serious.
      3. The visitor will welcome the visitors.
      4. Ask for their business card.
      5. Take them to the sign in table, get them signed in.
      6. Tell them shortly about Trusted Businesses Association (show them our introduction paper).
      7. Tell the visitor that during the meeting he/she will have a chance to make a 60 seconds introduction.
      8. Invite the visitors to have a coffee, and hand the visitor over to the member who invited him/her.
      9. The member is responsible for seating the visitor and helping out through the meeting.
      10. The day after the meeting the member is responsible for contacting the visitor to ask: How did he/she like the meeting, and any feedback he/she has for Trusted Businesses Association.