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        MB abogados law firm professionals will defend your business and interests with total confidentiality. Our services are oriented not only to solving conflicts but also to helping avoid them by applying what is known as “preventive law”.

        Preventive law seeks to anticipate and prevent legal problems and litigation in a broad scope of areas, such as privacy and data protection law, intellectual property, IT law, estate planning, corporate compliance, business planning, and property transactions. MB Lawyers also offer services in mediation and alternative dispute resolution, and legal advice.

        By carrying out a legal audit we can produce a legal status report, which provides the status of the legal affairs of the business or personal client, presenting all possible legal risks, and will give a recommendation for action required. The report may include identification and analysis of: regulations and laws that apply to a business; corporate structure; employment and hiring practices; policies and procedures to identify and maintain confidential information; intellectual property rights (trademark, copyright, etc.); real property ownership; contracting; correspondence and documentation of jobs/projects; etc.

        MB abogados will help you to minimize the risk of litigation, and will provide you with professional legal advice in case of litigation.

        We strongly recommend that clients always seek professional legal advice.

        Main branches of law

        Commercial / Company Law

        • Legal advice for Company creation.
        • Incorporation of all types of companies.
        • Increase and decrease of share capital.
        • Liquidation of companies.
        • Insolvency law.
        • IT Law, copyright (…)

        Civil Law

        • Civil liability and Insurance.
        • Separation and divorce.
        • Civil liability.
        • Legacies, wills (…)

        Property Law

        • Steps prior to completion: reservation agreements.
        • Option to purchase agreements.
        • Rentals and sales contracts.
        • After-sales service; inscription of deeds at the property registry.
        • Urban leases and horizontal property(…)

        Criminal Law

        • Defense in criminal trials.
        • Police arrest assistance and court assistance.
        • Prosecution: criminal claims, indictments and both private and public charges.
        • Appeals to the higher courts.
        • Application for bail; Application for provisional liberty; Calls for pardon; Requests for grade 3 prison regime (…)

        Tax Law

        Whether you are a resident or non-resident in Spain, you should familiarize yourself with the relevant tax obligations and your rights

        and privileges under Spanish Law.