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The Trusted Businesses Association 

We all meet every two weeks at the restaurant La Fiorentina.

Our Networking Group was founded in 2010 in Marbella Spain by a handful of individuals committed to helping each other build their respective businesses through the exchange of referrals, leads, and business ideas.

From this simple start the Trusted Businesses Association has grown into a well respected group of trusted businesses, each in a unique, non-competitive service or product. We gather every two weeks as a group and many times in one-on-one meetings visiting each others business, building knowledge and trust.

The simple concept of helping yourself by helping others has grown to include advanced “Give First” networking techniques, peer advice on business ideas and marketing, and exposure to resources other members are using in their organizations. Every 2nd week The Trusted Businesses Association makes a deep and often profound difference in the lives of the members and the future of their businesses.

The Trusted Businesses Association  is Costa Del Sol’s premier Business Networking Group.