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In your everyday lives you’ve probably never stopped to consider all the things required to provide you with your normal activities. You’ve probably never considered how lucky you are, and never realized how many things you take for granted. We are talking about appliances and electricity in your home. Do you understand how many things require electricity in your life? We explored all the ways our lives would be different if we were to not have power for a single day!

Here’s how your morning routine would change if you had no electricity.


In 2017, we have really begun to rely on our phones for reminders, alarms, and everything else. If you’ve become accustomed to waking up with an alarm or mobile phone, then today you’re probably doing to be late. Because your mobile phone did not charge overnight and is now dead. When you do wake up, you jump out of bed and rush into the bathroom.


Oops – can’t turn your lights on, looks like you’re showering in the dark.


Don’t like cold showers? Well without electricity you will need to take a cold shower – but at least you’re sufficiently awake now, right?


It’s a good thing your shower gave you a bracing wakeup because your coffee can’t help you today


Exasperated, cold, and hungry, you go into the garage to head to work. Except that you can’t open your garage without electricity! Looks like it’s the bus for you today.


Wow. What a horrible day you’ve had. You can’t wait to just go home, eat a warm meal, and watch the evening news, right? Wrong.


When you get home, looks like the power’s still out. Looks like you can’t have a home-cooked meal tonight.

Then you realise it is not a power cut at all, as all your neighbors have power except you!

Taking your electricity supply for granted is a luxury you SHOULD have in a modern home.

We really only notice electricity, when it is not there. Which is why you should always and only employ qualified electricians to install and maintain your electrical system