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Everybody, at some stage, requires an electrician to take care of the electrical circuits in their house or place of work. If you are hiring an electrician, you must be aware of all the important qualities that a good electrician must possess. Having this knowledge will assist you in identifying between ‘electricians’ and ‘the others.

Following are some of the important qualities that a good electrician has. The knowledge of these qualities is crucial, while determining that which electrician you should hire, and why. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are the number 1 choice for many businesses and house holders on the Costa del Sol, and we work hard to keep our reputation for quality and value.

1. Well-Qualified and Certified:

A good electrician must always be well-qualified and certified according to his relevant field. A1 SafeSecure Electricians are fully qualified to install, upgrade and repair commercial, industrial and domestic systems. And of course issue the relevant certification.

2. Relevant Experience:

A good electrician also has the required level of relevant experience, which enables him to tackle all the different situations that may arise during his professional life. A1 SafeSecure Electricians have over 25 years of experience, giving us a second to none insight to most situations that arise.

3. Price Estimate:

A good electrician is the one, who is able to give you a near-perfect estimate for your whole project. He does not avoid giving you a ceiling price for the entire amount of work. If he is not too sure about an estimate or a quote, he asks you for a visit, in order to judge the amount. A1 SafeSecure Electricians will always, on request, issue a FREE and concise quotation for your work. On major projects A1 SafeSecure Electricians will always issue a schedule of works to assist in the coordination of all and any other trades involved.

Our Promise to you, our customer

We are fanatical about our high standards, unlike some companies.
we will never send you an electrician that isn’t fully qualified. It’s our aim
to provide you with a friendly and professional service at an affordable

Your home is in safe hands

Your satisfaction and future recommendation is very important to
us. So if you are not satisfied with our service tell us and we will rectify the
problem quickly and efficiently.

Fixed price guarantee for total peace of

Over the years, we have received feedback from our customers
which made us more aware of people’s reluctance of calling an electrician,
mainly due to the high prices and hidden charges some electricians charge. We
don’t charge the earth and there are no hidden charges we issue free
written detailed quotes on request.

Things can go wrong and that’s why we are available to deal with
your electrical emergency so you don’t have to. Our emergency callout is also
covered by our fixed price promise, which covers your callout and the first hour
of labour.

Remember electricity is dangerous and can kill – so do not
trust to luck, trust the professionals.

Services from A1 includeÑ 
Maintenance & Fault Finding, Lamp Replacement Service, Hot Water Heaters, Fuse Box Upgrade, Exterior & Garden Lighting, Door Entry & CCTV, Extensions & Rewiring, Security Lighting, Installation of new lighting & power systems, Emergency Lighting and Telephone Point Installation.

A1 SafeSecure Electricians can now supply Energy Performance Certificates for your home, offering personal service in English for foreign owners.
Please contact us by email – or telephone 951 273 638 for further information
At A1 SafeSecure Electricians, we are proud of the quality of our EPC assessment services. We offer a qualified, experienced team of domestic and commercial EPC Assessors.
The government will require all existing homes that are for sale or rent (for continuous periods of 4 months or longer) to have an “energy certificate.”
The Ministry of Industry has finalised a set of regulations that make it obligatory for all homes that are sold or rented in Spain to have an “energy efficiency certificate”. This is a document that describes how efficient your home’s energy consumption is and will cost from 350 euros for the average home. The measure is a European initiative, and came into force on the 1st of June, 2013.
The European directive aims to increase energy efficiency in buildings and homes in order to protect the environment, and makes it compulsory for all new and existing homes which come onto the market, whether for sale or for rent, to have this certificate.
The promotion of energy efficiency in buildings and homes has formed part of European priorities since 2002, when Directive 2002/91/EC of the European Parliament and of the
Council was approved. This directive was implemented in Spain in 2007 through Royal Decree 4 7/2007, although at that time it was only applicable to developers. The surprise is that it now has to be complied with by private individuals, and it is likely to stir up strong feelings, judging by what has happened in other European countries where it has already been implemented.
The 2002 Directive and the 2010 amendment of the Directive made it obligatory to promote energy efficiency in existing buildings and homes. Consequently, all homes that come onto the market in any country in the European Union, whether for sale or for rent, have to have this energy efficiency certificate, which is valid for a maximum of 10 years.
What does this mean?
Once the new regulations have come into force in Spain all homeowners who want to sell or lease their property must make this “energy certificate” available to the prospective buyer and/or tenant.
The owner of the home, building, or business premises will be responsible for obtaining and paying for the certificate, which they need in order to sell or lease their home. In addition
to the certificate, each home will also receive a series of recommendations to improve the energy performance of the home and enable it to go up at least one level in the energy efficiency scale.
The drawback to these new regulations is the additional expense for homeowners. An energy certificate costs are the following:
Up to 100m2 – from 350€ + IVA
Between 100m2-200m2 – from 375€ + IVA
Between 200m2 – 300m2 – from 500€ + IVA Over 300m2 – from 630€ + IVA

Take note
Time and time again A1 SafeSecure Electricians hear about people on the Costa being ripped off by companies and individuals.
As most people are aware you now have a choice of companies to buy your electricity from; Endesa, Iberdrola, Fórmula Luz and Som Energia to name only a few.
However there are some companies informing people that if you have a 3 phase supply into your property, then this needs to be converted to a single phase supply with the appropriate certification. THIS IS SIMPLY NOT TRUE and is a scam to make money, lots of money!
All suppliers will provide both single phase and 3 phase contracts.
After all 60% – 70% of properties in Andalucia alone have a 3 phase supply, so why put yourself out of this share of the market.
What is true however is that you will need a current “Certificado de Instalación Eléctrica de Baja Tensión” or “Boletin”
Most properties under 15 years old will have this as part of the constructors certification of completion.
If you are thinking of changing supplier, apply for the new contract and the supplier will inform you whether or not you have the required paperwork.
Of course there will be older properties that do not have a current certification, in these cases A1 SafeSecure Electricians can carry out the necessary work and issue the boletin.