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My name is Vasile Bota from Awnings and Blinds “Bellasol” and I will say a few words in which an event recently and was trying to save energy in every way…talked about PVC windows we know that given the multiple cameras within the profile that has made ​​possible the energy savings , but I want to talk about the glazing of these windows…where a great amount of energy is lost.
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We know that double glazed windows are better than single pane ones, but also you have to know that the double glazing must have sufficient space between the two crystals, to start with a normal glass 4mm and 16mm camera and other 4mm glass and we would have energy saving ( 4/16/4 ). All this in a normal glazing of all windows that are now installing right now.
The laws will change soon and all buildings must have low emissivity and energy savings, either an apartment block, a public building or private home to meet 2020 targets .
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20/20/20 is:
1. Reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases GHG effects by 20 %
2 . Saving 20 % of energy consumption through improved energy efficiency .
3 . Promoting renewable energies to 20%
What is a smart glass? 
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Guardian sun 2It’s a product of advanced technology that ensures high light transmission, excellent thermal insulation (U-value = 1.0W/M2 K) and effective sun protection against solar radiation (only transmits 42% of solar energy). A combining maximum transparency glass, solar control and thermal insulation to save up to 40% of air conditioning in summer and 60% winter heating…
In short, with good windows and good PVC glazing Sun Guards (smart glass), your bill more than half will be reduced and will contribute to a better world…
Thanks and regards,
Vasile Bota Awnings and Blinds Bellasol
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