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MARBELLA BUDDIES a Social Network and fun way to meet people…

Meeting people in and around Marbella is not always easy. Especially when you´ve just arrived here on the coast. Whether you live here or are on holiday, we have the “things to do” for you.

Look at our events and if you had something else in mind, just contact us and we´ll go from there. All is possible from 1-hour activities like a Beach FIT, VIP Personal Trainer session, Buggy Tour and Horse Riding up to Sailing Trips, Wine Tastings, Hiking Trips, La Concha Experience, Cold is the new Hot Xperience or even 1 – 4 day FIT Camps. Besides all this, a Bespoke Business Event & Team Building Activities are a possibility too. We are “open” all year round.

Are you a Marbella Buddy?…
We like to “collect” here the most interesting people from Marbella and around the world. Most of us are now living or visiting Marbella and the Costa del Sol regular. Some would call us Expats, but we think that does not exactly describe who we really are and what about all the fun people we meet while they´re on holiday here… just an amazing “collection”.

Our team has been living in the Marbella area for over 10 years and has experienced all that Marbella has to give; positive and… negative. With this experience, they deleted some of the “not so nice sides” but added more of the “not very well known” beautiful parts of Marbella & the Costa del Sol.

Find out more about us and all these interesting people we´ve met. Come to our Events or join an Outdoor Activity. Everybody is welcome to experience MarbellaBuddies! Visit us regularly on our Facebook Fan Page: MarbellaBuddies.

Once you decide to enjoy this society of interesting fascinating people more often, you can choose to become a MarbellaBuddies Member. You will pay a small yearly fee of 30 euros. This will give you benefits of reduced prices for Events & Activities. Sometimes even more benefits than just lower prices… Let us surprise you!

Team MarbellaBuddies